2019 LWP Sponsorship agreement with Holden

Lifesavers with Pride have been working hard promoting surf life saving as a progressive, welcoming and inclusive community.  This season we have been busy getting around to the World Titles in Adelaide, plus visiting clubs in NT, Qld, SA and Vic.  Plus we are in the final stages of distributing our Proud Surf Clubs kit to every club in Australia.  And the season is only half over.

We are now announcing that we have a great partnership agreement this year for the parade, whereby we will be teaming up with Holden.  Holden are a sponsor of both the Sydney Mardi Gras, as well as Surf Life Saving Australia, so teaming up with Lifesavers with Pride was a natural next step.  Plus it allows Holden to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTIQ lifesavers around the country.

This agreement will allow for our parade float to go to the next level, not only by increasing our numbers in the event, but by having some solid Holden Colorados (red of course) to pull along some of our lifesaving hardware, to show off the kit that we use down on the beaches. 

Note, we are still taking registrations, although only for the waiting list at the moment.  Last year we took 20 people from the waiting list into the parade, and it looks like we may get more tickets from the Holden allocation so chances are good you'll still make it on the night.  So long as you are (or have been) a lifesaver, are keen to spread the word that lifesaving is inclusive, progressive and welcoming, and are free on Saturday 02 March, then get to it.  And your non-lifesaver friends are welcome to join us as supporters too.

Register for Parade here

We've got our song chosen, our props are on the way and we're just headed towards the fun end of the season.

See you soon,

Gary and the committee

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