2019 Parade Survey

Thanks for participating in the 2019 Lifesavers with Pride Mardi Gras entry.  What a lot of fun.

And thanks for showing to the wider community that surf life saving is a progressive, welcoming and inclusive organisation that embraces our LGBT community.

Now that we've all relaxed a bit, got our breath back, and hopefully cleared all the glitter off, the committee would love you to provide some feedback on how we went.  There are 20 questions here, each with a free text field, for both a 0-5 rating plus for your general feedback.  Also if you sign in, you won't get the details boxes at the base of each question, which may be a bit off-putting.

Thanks, and don't forget we'll be having our annual video night in April, date to be announced, when we can all get together again and relive the season.

Gary, Mike and the Committee

This survey has no published questions.

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