2020 Gaywatch

What better way to prepare for this weekend's Mardi Gras parade, than to head down to Tamarama Beach for a late afternoon dip in the summer waters, then up to the Tamarama Clubhouse, where you can hang with the folk for a few drinks looking over the beach as the sun sets into the evening, before the big day.  We'll have some tunes spinning by the ever popular DJ Dan Murphy, plus we'll do the Aussie thing and throw some snags on the BBQ for you to soak up that alcohol.  Enough of an early mark for either a good nights' sleep before the big parade day, or for you to head out to do some serious clubbing for those who just can't get enough of your time in Sydney.

So whether you're a Sydney local looking for some fun, an 'out of town'er here for the weekend, or an interstate or international visitor here for a week or so, swing on by to say hi to the team in the red and yellow.  Our sexy lifesavers are keen to welcome our travelling visitors the only way they know how.  By teasing you with their six packs, cracking open a cold one and showing off their skills with the kiss of life.  

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