2020 Mardi Gras Rehearsals

Check out our rehearsals at Tamarama Surf Club for the 2020 Mardi Gras Parade.

Find the song loop here for your own rehearsal.

Note that we are marching 4 across with the routine slightly different for those on the left and those on the right, plus those on the outside and those on the inside.

And follow the routine here, where it is starting to take shape.

Each of the marchers are numbered 1 to 4, left to right.  Below are the videos for each of these marchers.  Note that there is a final move that is yet to be taught.  Happy rehearsing

Routine 1

Routine 2

Routine 3

Routine 4


We had our final rehearsal at Tamarama SLSC and on the beach on Wednesday 26 February, where SLSA also announced that it would be joining Pride in Sport.  Our guests that spoke include SLSA General Manager Peter George, SLSNSW CEO Steve Pearce, SLS Sydney Branch Peter Agnew, plus the former Lifesaving Helicopter GM and ongoing lifesaving heavyweight Stephen Leahy.  Thanks all for you kind support and ongoing commitment of inclusion and diversity within the SLS movement at all levels.

Plus of course we got to rehearse our routine for the final time before parade day on Saturday

Photo credit to Madi King

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