2020 SGM

As a result of having to remove some members of our 2019 Mardi Gras entry prior to the commencement of the parade due to being drunk (and similar instances in some previous years), the committee has recommended the insertion of a code of conduct as an appendix to our constitution.  In order to do this, we need to hold a Special General Meeting at which the membership is able to vote.  This will be held in conjunction with our first rehearsal for the 2020 parade, at Tamarama SLSC on Monday 10 February at 8pm.

Whilst updating the constitution for this, the committee have also taken the liberty to update other points of the constitution as follows;

  • Types of membership now include supporters and nippers, plus BM, lifesavers, former lifesavers and SLS staff
  • Can apply for membership on the website
  • Clarifies a members ceases their membership if not renewed
  • Simplified register of member content
  • Becomes a member upon payment online
  • Changes financial year to 01 Apr – 31 Mar
  • Expanded disciplining of members – process
  • Clarified committee manages national affairs, with sub committees managing state issues
  • Clarified committee is also subject to the code of conduct
  • Removed founding committee members
  • Simplified committee nomination process
  • Aligned removal of a committee member to removal of an ordinary member
  • Expanded calling of meetings to include electronic broadcasts
  • Included grants as a source of funds, noting reconciliation processes
  • Included EFT as a means of transaction and single signatory payments
  • Identified upon deregistration that all assets are to remain within the lifesaving community
  • Identify specific details required for membership
  • Updated logo on the document

As a result, all of these will be voted on at the SGM.  The constitution with changes included is available for review here

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