2020 Proud Beaches Packs

Lifesavers with Pride (LWP) received a lot of positive feedback from our Proud Beaches that we circulated for the 2019/20 season.  Of most benefit were the simple visual aids that clubs could use to promote inclusion and diversity within and around their clubs, and amongst their networks.  As such we have created a new suite of posters and stickers for club's use for the 2020/21 summer.

Latest Proud Beaches Posters

These posters have been created without using the term LGBTIQ, yet use six lifesavers dressed in swimwear of the colours of the rainbow to show the full diversity of the spectrum, be that both men and women, different nationalities and of course the sexuality spectrum.  The posters use both our lifesavers and some of our beach equipment such as the ATV, rescue board, and tubes.

Further we have two more posters which just show both male and female lifesavers down on the beach in their red swimwear, running into the water, and out on their rescue boards.  The taglines are simple, straight forward and applicable to all diversity and inclusion situations, such as "Be Yourself", "Safe, Proud, Inclusive", "Everyone is Welcome" and "Our Surf Club is a Proud Surf Club".

Proud Beaches Stickers

These are based on the same imagery used above for the posters, using the taglines "Be yourself" and "Safe, Proud, Inclusive".  We encourage all clubs to utilise these posters in places of public engagement where they can not only be a message to your members, but also to new recruits and the community at large that SLS as a whole, and your surf club is indeed practicing the principles of inclusion and diversity.

Clubs are welcome to download copies themselves for reprinting, or contact LWP directly and request further copies of either the posters or stickers.  Also included in the mailout was a brochure, in the same imagery for our scholarships.

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