2022 MG Parade March

In these crazy post-Covid days, the LWP Committee is looking forward to a great summer on the beaches.  As a member of Lifesavers with Pride, you are showing your support for our mission of creating a welcoming, inclusive and progressive lifesaving culture for the LGBTIQ+ community.  Whilst our reach covers the whole country, this page is devoted solely to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

The Mardi Gras parade this year is scheduled for Saturday 5 March 2022.  Be sure you are available for the date before you register.  


Our rehearsal details are not finalised yet, as we've only just had the parade confirmed.  Rehearsal details will be released later, and will be 6 weekday evenings in the 3 weeks preceding the parade, at a venue central to the city and beaches.

For those entering from out of town, and those who just want to practice more, we will post a video online once rehearsals have started.  This will give you about 2 weeks to practice and learn the routine, the same as those of us attending rehearsals.

We will have a final 2 hour pre-parade rehearsal at 3pm immediately prior to the parade on Saturday 05 March 2022 that all entrants must attend.  This includes interstate, regional and local marchers, as well as volunteers and supporters.  More details regarding the day itself will be provided closer, including our post parade venue.


We are looking at providing a pair of swimwear for each participant again.  Remember that Running Bare sizes are quite large, so chose a smaller size if in doubt.  Be sure to wear them on the beach and post images to social media including the hashtags  #lwp2022 #proudbeaches and #lifesaverswithpride.  You will need to wear this swimwear and your patrol cap to the final dress rehearsal, as well as to the parade.  Also you will need to provide your own all white footwear (and socks) to the parade.  


Our fees for marchers are $120 for a marcher for 2021/22 with a refund of $20 if you have membership.  Anyone seeking financial support for the parade should get in touch with the committee providing supporting reasons.


For the last 4 years the LWP MG Parade rego process filled its full quota in less than 24 hours.  Same as last year, we will only fill 40 spots, and will take names on a waiting list again in order to better manage those who miss out.  The LWP Committee now offer selected members preferential registration based on their contributions in previous years.  Our members who assisted in 2020/21 with the committee or participated in other activities such as photo shoots, media events, outreach, LWP out of season events, and any other directly related assistance will receive first availability.  Once these offers have been taken up, the remaining spots will be put out to offer.  Therefore, if you are keen to march in future years, be sure to help out this season by involving yourself in the LWP events and engaging with the committee to see where support can be provided.

Unfortunately in previous years LWP has had issues with people being drunk whilst marching in the parade.  The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who did not comply with this in previous seasons.

In order to join the parade for 2021/22, you need to agree to the following conditions;

  • I support the goals of LWP, which is to promote lifesaving within the LGBTIQ+ community, and to support our LGBTIQ members within the lifesaving community.
  • As a marcher, I confirm that I am, or have been, an active nipper, SRC or lifesaver of an Australian Surf Life Saving Club.  If not, I will undertake a supporter role during the parade.
  • I will be available from 3pm until the conclusion of the parade on Saturday 05 March 2022.
  • I am aware that I will be representing Surf Life Saving Australia on the day of the parade and I will abide by both the SLSA and LWP Codes of Conduct, which includes a zero drug and alcohol policy. and I will be asked to leave if I do not comply without reimbursement.
  • I will be available for at least four of the six scheduled rehearsals prior to parade day.
  • I accept that I will be photographed as part of the entry and may have my image used in Mardi Gras or LWP marketing.
  • I am aware that all communications regarding the parade entry will be circulated through the facebook group, and via email, and that I regularly access these communications.

You will be asked to confirm these terms and conditions, as part of our six questions (including providing your swimwear size) after you have purchased your tickets.  Your booking will not be held if you do not complete the survey.



Similarly we don't know what the program for Fair Day will be, but we do know that it's a great opportunity to get out and show off LWP to the LGBTIQ community.  We really want to send a message that SLSA is welcoming and progressive, so the more people the better.  Fair Day will be in Victoria Park on Sunday 20 February 2022 from 10am until 4pm, and we ask that everyone drops by with their uniforms and swimmers.  It's a great day so looking forward to seeing what format it takes this year.



March 05, 2022 at 3:00pm - 11pm
Sydney Cricket Ground
Jake Little

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