2022 Proud Beaches

Lifesavers with Pride (LWP) have built on the Proud Beaches packs that we circulated for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons.  We've now created our new range of posters, postcards and stickers for your Surf Club's use for the 2021/22 summer.

Latest Proud Beaches Posters

We've included some images this season of in-water activities, being the IRB and Surf Rescue Boards which provide a dynamic of movement and activity.  Again we've tried to avoid the term LGBTIQ, while still using six lifesavers dressed in swimwear of the colours of the rainbow to show diversity, be that through gender, age, nationalities and sexuality.

The taglines are simple, straight forward and applicable to all diversity and inclusion situations, such as "You Can COUNT ON US", "We Are LIFE SAVERS", "Everyone is WELCOME in our club " and "WE STAND AS ONE".  We encourage you to use the posters supplied, or to print up new ones from the links provided here.

Diversity and Inclusion Postcards

These postcards list significant dates that you may wish to acknowledge, such as through your social media, to significant minority groups.  These are based on the same imagery, with one capturing all local and international dates of significance called "OUR CLUB WELCOMES EVERYONE" and one identifying all (coastal) significant community LGBTIQ festivals around Australia called "OUR CLUB IS PROUD OF OUR COMMUNITY".  Again, we encourage you to demonstrate your inclusivity by acknowledging these dates within your local community.

Safe Place Stickers

These stickers are designed for your entrance to show LGBTIQ community members that your clubhouse is a place where they know they can be safe and secure as they are.

We encourage all clubs to utilise these materials where they can not only be a message to your members, but also to new recruits and the community at large that SLS as a whole, and your surf club is indeed practicing the principles of inclusion and diversity.

Clubs are welcome to download copies themselves for reprinting, or contact LWP directly and request further copies.  Also included in the mailout was a brochure, in the same imagery for our scholarships.

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