2021 SLSQ Branch Leadership Presentation

Lifesavers with Pride were excited to present to the Surf Life Saving Queensland Branch Leadership Forum today.  The meeting brings together Administration, Education, Membership and Development teams from the 6 branches along the sunny coast.  We discussed Diversity and Inclusion across the board, where LWP has come from, what we've been able to do within the movement and where we see the clubs and Branches helping us moving forwards, including our Rainbow Beaches days.  Excellent work from the team up north.

2021 SLSQ LEP Presentation

LWP were really excited to present to the Surf Life Saving Queensland Leadership Excellence Committee yesterday on the importance of Inclusion and Diversity within Surf Life Saving.  We had some great engagement with the branches and clubs, and look forward to seeing a wider array of members in our surf clubs.  We all want our clubs to be safe, proud and welcoming of every member and that starts with us reaching out.  Looking forward to being able to travel again soon and actually present to our Queensland friends in person next time.

2021 SLSQ Catch up

Lifesavers with Pride had a great chat today with the team at Surf Life Saving Queensland about being more inclusive and reaching out to the LGBTIQ+ community.  We chatted about the importance of showing a diverse membership, which promotes a welcoming environment for more members from diverse backgrounds.  Plus we spoke about some of our inclusion programs, such as Rainbow Beaches, Proud Beaches scholarships, our surf club mailouts and representation at the Brisbane Pride Fair Day, plus further afield around Queensland.  Excellent foundation for a safe and proud sunshine state lifesaving community.

2021 SLST Conference

It was great to be able to speak today at the Surf Life Saving Tasmania admin day, to all our Tasmanian Surf Clubs about creating a more inclusive and diverse organisation. What better way to increase our scope than by tapping into some new markets with more people for members, participants, supporters, volunteers, and eyes on the water. We all love SLS, that's why we're here, so let's encourage others to share that joy by creating a proud, safe and inclusive surf life saving culture that people want to be a part of.

2021 Discussion on WA Sports Inclusion

LWP met today with Member of Western Australian Parliament, Stuart Aubrey, and Scarboro Surf Life Saving Club member to discuss how sporting groups in WA can make themselves more welcoming to their LGBTIQ members.  We discussed policies, frameworks, websites, clubhouses, resources, communications and funding, all of which are integral to delivering more welcoming and safer sporting hubs.

2021 Bisexual Awareness Week

Happy Bisexual Visibility Day! 💗💜💙
Lifesavers with Pride celebrate bi+ folks this week every year (and every day!) to raise awareness to eliminate bi-phobia and bi-erasure.
🌊 The lifesaver community is committed to creating an open, progressive and inclusive environment for the LGBTIQ community.

2022 Proud Beaches Scholarships

As the southern lifesaving season commences, Lifesavers with Pride (LWP) is excited to kick off its Proud Beaches Scholarship for summer 2021/22, promoting Surf Life Saving as a welcome, safe and valued place for LGBTIQ people.  The scholarship helps members of the LGBTIQ community become qualified lifesavers and join their local surf club by financially supporting recipients of the Proud Beaches Scholarships.

For more info, check out our scholarships page here

SLSA Inclusion Statement

Terrific news from Surf Life Saving Australia regarding their new Inclusion and Diversity Statement. SLSA President John Baker says

I am also pleased to let you know, that the SLSA Board recently wrote its commitment to delivering an inclusive environment through an Inclusion & Diversity Statement.
“We deliver a unique and inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated. We actively listen to our volunteers and the broader community, and we promote progressive values and innovative thinking. Our sense of ‘belonging’ binds us together and helps to create great Australians and build better and more resilient communities.”
The introduction of this Inclusion & Diversity Statement reaffirms the SLSA Board’s commitment to creating a safe environment for all members.

2022 Rainbow Beaches

Lifesavers with Pride had such a successful Rainbow Beaches event last summer that we are already in the planning stages for our 2022 event.

Under the theme “everyone is welcome at the beach” clubs across the country showed their support with a sea of rainbow colours to showcase that #surflifesaving and the #ocean is a place where everyone belongs. The response was incredible and we want to see even more #RainbowBeaches this year! Will you join us? 

Many of us across the country remain locked down, but LWP are using this time to engage with clubs, branches and partner organisations to take this unique message to even more beaches this summer.  Our approach is simple – provide a basic playbook and resources to make it easy for locals to bring a rainbow to their beach, however and whenever they choose, and help them make it a stunning success.  We think the world could do with a little more colour in 2022.
If you think your club could do with a rainbow celebration in 2022 (Covid-permitting), tag someone from your club and DM @lifesaverswithpride, or email [email protected]

2021 RUOK Day

Today is RU OK Day? and Lifesavers with Pride are encouraging everyone to reach out and check in on each other.
You don't need to be an expert to start a conversation - just a good friend and a great listener.

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