2020 Sport NSW Awards

Lifesavers with Pride were excited to be awarded the Outstanding Sporting Director at the Sport NSW 2020 awards this week. So great to get recognition for the work we do in Surf Life Saving, creating a proud, safe and welcoming community. 


2020 Mardi Gras Launch

Lifesavers with Pride were thrilled to join Sydney Mardi Gras in announcing the changes to the 2021 parade to ensure it is Covid compliant, and can progress, in the new site of the Sydney Cricket Ground.  It's fantastic that we get another opportunity to show off Surf Life Saving as a proud, welcoming and safe organisation for our LGBTIQ members and recruits.

Launch of Trans Sport Guidelines

This morning, Pride in Sport announced at the Sydney Cricket Ground, that 8 peak sporting bodies have committed to implement governance that supports a greater level of inclusion for trans and gender diverse people in their sport.  A further 13 bodies, including Surf Life Saving Australia, have committed to develop these frameworks as well.  Lifesavers with Pride have been working as a stakeholder with SLSA on these new guidelines and whilst we were hoping for them to be ready for today, National Diversity Day, alas we are well on the way to implementing them in the near future.  Check out the Pride in Sport Media Release here

Speakers today included Pride in Sport Beau Newell, Australian Womens Cricket Captain Alex Blackwell, Touch Football Australia CEO Jamie O'Connor, Lifeline CEO Colin Seery and Athlete Ricki Coughlan


2020 Pride in Sport Award Night

It was a great night at the Pride in Sport Awards tonight, where LWP were finalists for 2 awards and came home with one win. Winning the Out Role Model award allows us to show Surf Life Saving as inclusive, safe and proud to the wider sporting community, all of whom are looking for examples to show for sports working with the LGBTIQ community. SLS should be proud.

SLSNSW Diversity and Inclusion Webpage

Big cheer out to SLSNSW who have updated their Diversity and Inclusion webpage, expanding it from only covering disabilities and multicultural members to including gender, indigenous and LGBTIQ participation as well.  Thanks to the team at SLSNSW for including LWP as a component of the page, and our pages on resources, scholarships and the Proud Beaches Forum.  The page can be accessed here

2020 Volunteering Aust Awards

Lifesavers with Pride were thrilled to be nominated at the Volunteering Australia Awards last week.  It was great to hear of so many people and groups out there that are giving up their time and services to help others.  Whilst we didn't win, it was an honour to be recognised by the lifesaving community for doing something we love.


2020-21 Festival Season

Hey all,

We're all keeping an eye out for the latest movements in our LGBTIQ festivals over the summer and the impacts that Covid-19 are having on them.  Lifesavers with Pride are keen to represent Surf Life Saving as much as we can wherever possible.  Here's the latest info that we can source, which is an increase of four festivals than we attended last year.

  • The Newcastle Pride Festival has unfortunately been cancelled for 2020, and we look forward to our first attendance in August 2021
  • The Sunshine Coast Pride rally is scheduled for Aug 31, although no further information has been released.
  • The Brisbane Pride event has been postponed from September until November, and will be reassessed there.  LWP are keen to get to the Fair Day to join the local community.
  • The Central Coast Twist festival planned for October has had to be cancelled which is disappointing.
  • The Darwin Community Pride Rainbow Day is scheduled for 19 September, and LWP are hoping to overcome border challenges to get there to celebrate SLS fabulousness
  • The Adelaide Feast Festival, Picnic in the Park is scheduled for 29 November.  Again, a great opportunity to showcase SLS to the LGBTIQ community
  • The WA Pride Fair Day is scheduled for early November.  Last year it was on 02 Nov, so check updates.
  • Melbourne's Midsumma Carnivale is still scheduled for 17 January and still planning to go ahead.  Keep an eye out for the latest news.
  • TasPride keep their cards close to their chest, but last year their event was on 08 Feb, so watch out for their latest releases
  • And Sydney's Mardi Gras Fair Day is still planned to go ahead, on 21 February.

Keep in mind that border closures and new waves of Covid-19 may impact these going ahead, and our ability to participate at some of these, although we are in conversations with our contacts at the various SLS state offices to attend should we be unable to make the trip over.

And to those who are looking forward to joining us in the Sydney Mardi Gras next year, remember we will be keeping an eye out for the latest news as we get closer.  And don't forget that our first release of spots on the parade will go to those who have become members of lifesavers with pride.  You can become a member here, and if you're unsure, just reply to this email to check and we'll get back to you.

OK, stay safe, and looking forward to the patrolling season kicking off again soon.

Gary and the Committee

Sport NSW Awards of Excellence

We've all been a bit quiet of late while we bunker down through the winter and as the current situation progresses.  But in the meantime the LWP Committee has been out planning for the upcoming summer ahead.  It's great to see this hard work, both in the summer season and the off season, being recongnised with LWP being listed as a finalist in the Sport NSW Community Sport Awards.  Check here for a full list of finalists.  We'll keep you posted on the result.

2019-20 Season Video Release

This week we released our season video now uploaded to our 2020 Parade page, which includes footage from our photo-shoot, rehearsals, fair day, parade and interviews.  Many thanks to all who are on camera, but our biggest thank you goes to Mike Fitzharding who has filmed, edited and re-edited our annual video for ten years now.  It's a great effort and we are so thankful for his ongoing contribution.

The video is usually launched at our AGM, but due to the Covid-19, this was held online this year, so we couldn't all gather together for its launch.

2020 Surfline Article

Great to see our p14-5 article in the April 2020 Surfline magazine this month, going out to all Surf Life Saving members in NSW. Always keen to see the message get out that Lifesaving is a welcoming, progressive and inclusive organisation for the LGBT community.

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