2019 Honour Awards Night

Great night at the Honour awards last night celebrating LGBTIQ inclusion across the community.  Lifesavers with Pride are so proud that we were nominated in Health and Wellbeing, and very happy as a finalist.  Getting the word out however we can that Surf Life Saving is a welcoming and progressive organisation.


2019 Brisbane Pride

Lifesavers with Pride had an excellent day at our first ever Brisbane Pride Fair Day.  We joined QLD Police, Dept of Fire and Emergency services and QLD SES on Saturday September 20 for a fun day representing Surf Life Saving Queensland to the LGBTIQ community. Plenty of interested people in joining a great organisation from the locals.

2019 SLSQ Visit

LWP were keen to catch up with the staff at SLSQ this afternoon, as Queensland prepares to hit the beaches for the start of the patrolling season tomorrow.  It was great to talk through with the team their enthusiasm for including LGBTIQ in the local lifesaving community.  So many areas where we can work together.

2019/20 LGBTIQ Fair Days

Lifesavers with Pride have been meeting with the various Surf Life Saving state offices, as well as with SLSA and are about to head around the country this year.  This means representing the LGBTIQ community nationwide within lifesaving, and also promoting lifesaving to our rainbow community nationally.  We will be attending the various LGBTIQ festivals and fair day's around the country, such as:

*Brisbane Pride's Fair Day, coming up this Saturday
*WA Pride's Perth Festival, in early November
*Adelaide Feast's Picnic, in late November
*Melbourne's Midsumma Carnivale, in late January and
*Sydney's Mardi Gras Fair Day in mid February.

Unfortunately Darwin's is on the same weekend as Brisbane's and Hobart's is on the same weekend as Melbourne's so for our first season we'll stick with these five.

So starting this Saturday we'll be at Brisbane's New Farm Park from 10am representing Surf Life Saving to our LGBTIQ community, and showing that we are a welcoming, progressive and inclusive community.  So tell your Queensland friends to drop by and say hi, and to all our SE Queensland members, come and help on the stall, and share your experiences within surf life saving to the local community.  It'll be great to catch up with old friends again.  Just reply to this email and let us know you're on your way down.

Looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the year.

Proud Beaches Forum highlights

Thanks to everyone who came along to Surf Life Saving Australia's Proud Beaches Forum, hosted by Lifesavers with Pride on Saturday.  Held on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York, this was an ideal opportunity to gather and position life saving as an organisation of choice for the LGBT community.  We had over 40 people participate, including members from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.  It was great to see the word about lifesaving as being progressive, welcoming and inclusive getting through to our great organisation.

Thanks to the following speakers for all their help and support;

  • Our Panel of LGBT lifesavers from three different states, identified their experiences within their clubs as well as from the organisation as a whole.  
  • Andrew Purchas, former lifesaver and boat rower, and founder of the Bingham Cup and the Pride in Sport Index identified how the LGBT community has navigated the sporting world in the last few years, and provided data to support this inclusion.
  • Bowie Stower from Proud2Play showed us how and why sporting clubs around the country are making a difference to be more inclusive for their LGBTIQ members 
  • Beau Newell from Pride in Sport provided a framework for sporting organisations, such as the SLS states and national office to oversee the implementation of more LGBTIQ inclusive programs
  • Gregory Frank from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, discussed legislation around discrimination, and also referred to the new Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion guidelines released by Sports Australia
  • Jain Moralee from Twenty10 provided practical understanding of LGBTIQ issues, and an awareness of how actions can inhibit our LGBTIQ members
  • Alex Blackwell, Australia's highest capped Cricket captain presented a personal account of her experiences in professional sport and provided excellent motivation for us.
  • And finally our Lifesavers with Pride President Gary Driscoll, spoke about the importance of creating a more inclusive lifesaving culture for our LGBTIQ members.

The event was followed by networking and drinks at Tamarama SLSC.

We look forward to the word spreading about our event and for some of the discussions to take fruition at all levels of the organisation.  SLSA will soon circulate soft copies of the handouts, slide packs and contacts for all interested parties.

Lifesavers with Pride are keen to engage with any clubs that may wish to discuss more, the benefits of creating a more inclusive and welcoming site for their current and new LGBTIQ lifesavers.

2019 Sundowners

Lifesavers with Pride are looking forward to our Proud Beaches Forum in the coming weeks, designed to help clubs take the first steps towards becoming a place that the LGBT community will want to join.  The event will take place on Saturday 29 June at SLSA Head Office at Icebergs from 9am and we hope you have encouraged your club to come along for the day.  Find the link here for the Forum

Immediately following this, Lifesavers With Pride will be hosting a post forum social event. We have been told over and again from our members over the summer that we should have more social events in the off season.  So here is your chance to swing on down to Tamarama Surf Club to help us celebrate:

*The days getting longer
*Our nomination at the Pride in Sport awards
*Our SLSA endorsed Proud Beaches Forum, and
*That we enjoy catching up together.

The bar will be open, we'll have some good tunes playing, and there will be food on offer as we enjoy ourselves as the sun sets.  So come along, both current and former LWP members, plus your lifesaving friends, and invite any friends who also want to promote lifesaving as an inclusive progressive and welcoming organisation for the LGBTIQ community.

Looking forward to seeing everyone down at Tama for a fun evening.


2019 Pride in Sport Awards

Great night at the 2019 Pride in Sport Awards, where Lifesavers with Pride were a finalist in the "Out Role Model" Category.  It was great to see so many other equally passionate people working in their respective sports trying to open them up to the LGBTIQ community.  A really inspiring night, and demonstration that we are all working for the same goal.  Thanks to the Surf Life Saving community for making this possible, and especially to SLSNSW CEO Steve Pearce who joined us for the evening in a wintery Melbourne.

Proud Beaches Forum

After over ten years of working with SLSA, Lifesavers with Pride have finally broken through and are going to be running a Proud Beaches Forum in the coming weeks, designed to help clubs take the first steps towards becoming a place that the LGBT community will want to join.  The event will take place on Saturday 29 June and is open to all surf clubs around the country, as well as state and branch representatives.  SLSA are currently promoting it to the states, and this invitation should reach clubs in the coming days.

The day will be run by SLSA, and will be held at their Head Office at Icebergs at Bondi Beach from 9am until 4pm, with lunch provided.  

Presenters will include representatives of Pride in Sport, Proud 2 Play and Play by the Rules discussing the importance of inclusion of LGBT in sport, both for participants and for volunteers and supporters.  Plus we'll hear from both the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission who are working with the Australian Sports Commission on the guidelines for Trans inclusion in Sport, a Twenty10 who will identify best practices for inclusion in sport, and run some scenarios.  We'll also have a panel discussion with LGBT lifesavers from around the country, and finally hear from Alex Blackwell, Australia's former women's cricket captain on the benefits of team dynamics when everyone is welcoming and accepting.  The event will finish with a networking event at Tamarama Surf Club, which all LWP members are encouraged to join, regardless of their participation at the forum.

We want you to spread the word to your club so that we can get the best spread possible from clubs right around the country.  We want club administrators and officials to come and share their experiences around LGBT inclusions, what works and what doesn't and position their club as a destination of choice for LGBT members and recruits.  Let's work together to make lifesaving more inclusive, progressive and welcoming.

Looking forward to seeing your club there to share their thoughts and pick up new ideas.  More details and registration is available here

Launch of Proud Beaches Scholarship

Lifesavers with Pride are proud to launch their Proud Beaches Scholarship which will enable members of the LGBT community around Australia to overcome any financial barrier to becoming a lifesaver.  LWP will reimburse course costs, starting potential members on their lifesaving journey. 

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for the scholarship, for either the Surf Rescue Certificates available from 16 years old, or the Bronze Medallion from 18.  LWP welcomes applications from everyone around Australia regardless of gender, culture or physical ability.  People outside the LGBT community are also welcome to apply and demonstrate why they should be a recipient.  

The Australian beach season operates from October to April in the south and May to September in the northern tropics, so applications are always welcome.

Lifesaving is a great endeavour, and we encourage the LGBT community to get involved in a welcoming, progressive and inclusive organisation.  Completing the Bronze Medallion course is the first step towards patrolling the beach and we are keen to ensure cost isn’t a barrier to LGBT recruits becoming qualified lifesavers.  Applicants should contact their local surf club to find out when their course starts,and what they need to do to commence.  Then just apply for the scholarship.  It’s as easy as that.

As long as applicants are willing to provide LWP with some content for their social media feeds, everyone is welcome to apply.  This will ensure that Lifesavers with Pride continue to show lifesaving around the country as being welcoming, progressive and inclusive to their LGBT members and recruits.

Lifesavers with Pride encourages clubs to share this scholarship opportunity and we’d love to know what your club does to make members feel safe, welcome and included.  We welcome messages of support via email or messages on social media, especially with our hashtags #lifesaverswithpride, and #LWPscholarships.

Find the link to the scholarships here


2019 Volunteers Week

As part of Volunteers week, 2019, Lifesavers with Pride want to thank all of our members for the time they give up, both down on the beach saving lives, and helping support and promote the creation of safe, proud and welcoming surf clubs all around the country.  Without their help and support, we wouldn't be able to achieve anything.

Find some recognition from SLSNSW of one of our own lifesavers who was selected as a feature volunteer from across the state for volunteers week 2019.  Their profile is attached here.

We hope you all refresh yourselves over the winter break and are ready for another season, down on the beach.

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