2019 Pride in Sport Award Nomination

A big thanks to all the effort that our committee puts in to ensure our time in lifesaving is enjoyable for our LGBT family.  We are pleased to announce that we have been recognised with a nomination for the Pride in Sport awards.  Moreso, we have been shortlisted in the top 4, with the winner to be announced in June.  We have been selected in the category of "2019 Pride in Sport Out Role Model".

Regardless of the result, it's great to see Surf Life Saving becoming more visible in its recognition of LGBT participation within our lifesaving community.  A big thank you to the SLSNSW CEO Steve Pearce, who personally sponsored the nomination too.

See the full list of nominees here, and hopefully we have great news in the coming weeks.  

Aussies 2019

Members of Lifesavers with Pride have just returned from a successful Aussies titles on the Gold Coast.  LWP members competed for their own clubs, but were happy to spread the word about lifesaving being progressive, welcoming and inclusive.  Well done to all our members, and thanks for helping keep LGBT awareness high amongst the lifesaving community.


Photo credit to Andrew Tooher

2019 Video

Thanks to everyone who came down to the end of season gathering last Friday.  We had a great turnout, and it was really good to see so many people keen to catch up.

Friday night also doubled as our AGM, and we were glad to welcome three more members to our committee.  Plus for only the second time in five years, financially we made a profit, which we will reinvest into promoting lifesaving within the LGBT community.

And for those who couldn't make the night, find the video link here for your viewing pleasure.  The link is also available on our Youtube channel, which you can access from the icon on our website.

2019 Season Wrap

Just a quick reminder about our season wrap gathering this Friday night.  Join the committee by heading to Palms, downstairs at 124 Oxford St Darlinghurst on Friday 12 April from 7.30pm, where we have the venue to ourselves for a few hours, to have a few drinks, chat with new friends, and to watch the new video (thanks to Mike and his ever present camera over the summer).  Feel free to bring friends, lifesavers or not, to enjoy the night.

A special thanks to our interstate and international friends that joined us this season who won't be able to make the night.  We have some big plans on spreading around the country next year, attending some of the Fair Day equivalents and meeting up with some of the state SLS branches as well.  Plus we are creating a scholarship for LGBT to undertake their Bronze, with entries being taken nationwide, with details on these to follow.  I hope you can join us as we move national to show lifesaving as an inclusive, progressive and welcoming movement.

And don't forget to help us create a better season next year by providing input into our survey here, or provide any further comments direct to the committee by emailing us on info@lifesaverswithpride.com.au with tips, suggestions or ideas.

And keep an eye out over the off season as we are progressing discussion with SLSA about an LGBT inclusion workshop to be held in June, plus we have been nominated for a national Inclusion in Sports award via Pride in Sport so we will be a bit more active than normal over the winter.

Finally thanks to our outgoing committee members Michael and Grant for all your great work, and to our new members Ben, Hayden and Dan.  Plus of course the rest of the committee Mike, Holly, Dom, Andrew, Bastien, Orlando, Jake, Tracey, Michele and Wayne.

2019 Post Parade Survey

Thanks to everyone who joined, marched, supported, helped and watched our 2019 Mardi Gras parade entry.  We had over 100 very excited lifesavers from all over the country join us this year.  Each and every one of them should feel proud that not only did they have a great night, but that they contributed to the message that surf life saving is a welcoming, progressive and inclusive organisation that embraces the LGBTIQ community.

We have now updated the website with all our data from the parade, which we encourage you to check out, such as our statistics, media and club links.  We have also created a survey that we'd love all our participants to take, which will provide the committee with a huge range of information for our future events.  Find the survey here, and any further comments can be provided direct to the committee by emailing us on info@lifesaverswithpride.com.au

Finally keep an eye out for our season end celebrations in April, where we'll gather for our video of the parade night.  More info to follow.


Gary, Mike, Holly and the committee.

2019 Parade Thank You

Lifesavers with Pride marched in their 13th annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras last night.  With a magnificent 125 strong team from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia plus two international representatives (come to the party South Australia, you'll love it) we showed the LGBT community that Surf Life Saving is a progressive, welcoming and inclusive organisation.  With a crowd estimated at 250,000, plus a live stream and a delayed national broadcast, we were able to get our message far and wide - that lifesaving embraces the LGBT community and that we will only truly be the icon that Australians see us, when we accurately reflect the community in which we operate - a diverse and stronger organisation.

Here are a few videos to whet your appetite while we put together the full video.  At rehearsal, on the way, and in the parade.  Or check out the live stream (when it is re-activated after the broadcast tonight)

And don't forget we'll send around a survey in the coming days so you can comment on the various aspects of the parade entry, be they good or bad (like Gary just talking too much).

In the meantime hold out for a date for our video night in the coming weeks, probably early April.  And keep looking out for that mysterious glitter that keeps appearing at inopportune moments.  Happy Mardi Gras guys, and party safe.

2019 MG Parade Rehearsal

Lifesavers with Pride had their final rehearsal last night prior to the Mardi Gras Parade this Saturday night.  About 60 of us gathered at Bondi Beach to rehearse on the sand, and in Bondi Surf Clubhouse.

We also welcomed both Adam Weir, the CEO of SLSA and Steve Pearce, the CEO of SLSNSW who came and provided their support and best wished for the parade.  Both men spoke to the group identifying that surf life saving is a diverse organisation that is keen to attract members from all communities.  Within this, they both identified that the LGBTIQ members of SLS provided a crucial link with the LGBTIQ community and noted that our parade entries, both here in Sydney's Mardi Gras, and also for the first time this year in Melbourne's Midsumma march, enable that message to get through.  And they added respectively that the work the LWP have undertaken over the last 13 years was groundbreaking in creating these inroads.  This was the first time that a SLSA CEO has come to greet our group and was well received.  The SLSNSW CEO came last year and spoke, and also marched in the parade last year.

SLSNSW CEO also acknowledged the work that LWP have done in promoting SLS within the community and announced that our two organisations were entering into a Memorandum of Understanding, allowing the two groups to formalise their relationship with each other.  This was signed in front of our group, by SLSNSW CEO and LWP Chair Gary Driscoll.

The keen parade participants then proceeded to rehearse on the sand to the delight of many locals, and media gathered.

2019 Parade rehearsals

Lifesavers with Pride have posted the song loop and routine rehearsal videos on their website for all 2019 parade participants to follow.  We have now had three rehearsals, with all but a handful of our marchers having been to a session.  To our interstate and international marchers who are joining us, follow along the clips and learn the routine, so that at our pre-parade gathering on parade day we can all be slot in together without starting from scratch.

Note the song is a loop of three cycles in total, with the down time at the beginning, and the routine kicking in after the four whistle blows.

You can find the rehearsal videos and song loop on our rehearsal page here

Looking forward to seeing you all from 3pm on Saturday 02 March, rain hail or shine.  More details to come about logistics next week.

2019 Mardi Gras Parade

Lifesavers with Pride are busy preparing for the 41st Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Saturday 02 March 2019.  The parade is a celebration of all things LGBTIQ and an ideal place for Surf Life Saving to stand up and show off how welcoming, progressive and inclusive we are towards our LGBTIQ members and recruits.  We will be entering our 13th march this year, and have members joining us from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia, plus two international lifesavers will be flying in for the night.  The float is filled with over 100 very excited lifesavers, who are thrilled to be teaming up with lifesaving sponsor Holden to create an impressive float complete with fully branded Colorados and a Jet Ski.

Registrations have now closed for spots in the Lifesavers with Pride float, but anyone visiting the parade, or watching the broadcast should keep an eye out for the entry, being early in the route, at 20 of 197.  Anyone watching the parade on the night is also welcome to come and celebrate afterwards when the participants retire to Bar Cleveland for some well earned drinks to finish the night off.

This year will take our total number of members to over 1,200 since we were formed in 2007.  Anyone interested in more information about lifesavers with Pride should check out the website, and join for updates, or email  directly for the latest news.

2019 Mardi Gras Fair Day

Lifesavers with Pride proudly represented Surf Life Saving at the 2019 Mardi Gras Fair Day, last Sunday 17 February at Victoria Park in Sydney's inner west.  The event allows Lifesavers with Pride to promote lifesaving as a welcoming destination to the LGBTIQ community when seeking a community services, sporting or social outlet.  We were located in the sports village amongst the LGBTIQ sporting teams, although also spent time mixing with the Emergency Services.

The stall was manned by representatives from Bondi, North Bondi, Tamarama, Coogee, Palm Beach and Cronulla, all spreading the word that lifesaving is an inclusive, welcoming and progressive organisation.  We had plenty of interest in our stall and many questions about what is involved in being a lifesaver.

The weather on the day was superb and the event was attended by an estimated 150,000 people, according to the Fair Day organisers.  Lifesavers with Pride even took part in the Emergency Services Resuscitation event, representing Surf Life Saving NSW against the NSW Police Force, NSW State Emergency Services, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW Ambulance and Fire and Rescue NSW.

The event is run in the lead up to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which allows Lifesavers with Pride to get it's message out to a wider audience that lifesaving is a safe and welcome organisation for LGBTIQ people.

Anyone interested in more information on Lifesavers with Pride is encouraged to visit their website or email them directly.

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