Melbourne Midsumma 2019

Big shout out to St Kilda Life Saving Club for joining their Emergency Services colleagues marching in support of the LGBTIQ community as part of the 2019 Melbourne Midsumma march.

The club is proud to send the message of "Inclusion", "Acceptance" and "Community" with their rainbow surf boat carrying words to signify that inclusion, acceptance and community is about "Everybody, Every Day and Anybody, Any Day".

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2019 photoshoot

Lifesavers with Pride held a photoshoot down on Coogee beach last Sunday to gather a handful of images to help promote lifesaving as a progressive, inclusive and welcoming culture.  Thanks to the dozen or so lifesavers who joined us from Coogee, Tamarama, Garie and North Bondi surf clubs.

We are looking into another one in the coming weeks as well.  Let us know through if you are keen to help out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first rehearsal in on February 10th.  It's all getting close now.

Gary, Orlando and the committee

LWP focus in Guardian Article

Lifesavers with Pride were thrilled to be interviewed recently for the article in the Guardian "Australia has always had a gay beach culture, but they haven't always been a safe place".  Well done to our LWP members Dan Murphy from Sydney and Fernando Claro from Brisbane, as well as LWP Chair Gary Driscoll.  

More great efforts from all at creating a progressive, welcoming and inclusive lifesaving culture.

Thanks guys.

Check out the article here

website launch


We are testing our rego page for the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras now so it'll be live soon.  It's going to be huge this year.  We have plenty of surprises ahead and will announce them as we go.

First change is that we are launching our new website, and will migrate off the blogsite over the summer.  Whilst the rego page isn't live yet, have a look around the website and spread the word on LWP.  You can join the site in preparation as only people who have joined the site will be able to register.  Note you'll get the same amount of emails from that site as you do from the blogsite now.  Plus we can focus our comms so you don't get info on an event unless you have registered for it.

Anyway, I hope you have a song ready to suggest, have started back at the gym and have that environmentally friendly glitter on order.

Getting close now!

Gary, Mike, Orlando and the Committee

2019 LWP Sponsorship agreement with Holden

Lifesavers with Pride have been working hard promoting surf life saving as a progressive, welcoming and inclusive community.  This season we have been busy getting around to the World Titles in Adelaide, plus visiting clubs in NT, Qld, SA and Vic.  Plus we are in the final stages of distributing our Proud Surf Clubs kit to every club in Australia.  And the season is only half over.

We are now announcing that we have a great partnership agreement this year for the parade, whereby we will be teaming up with Holden.  Holden are a sponsor of both the Sydney Mardi Gras, as well as Surf Life Saving Australia, so teaming up with Lifesavers with Pride was a natural next step.  Plus it allows Holden to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTIQ lifesavers around the country.

This agreement will allow for our parade float to go to the next level, not only by increasing our numbers in the event, but by having some solid Holden Colorados (red of course) to pull along some of our lifesaving hardware, to show off the kit that we use down on the beaches. 

Note, we are still taking registrations, although only for the waiting list at the moment.  Last year we took 20 people from the waiting list into the parade, and it looks like we may get more tickets from the Holden allocation so chances are good you'll still make it on the night.  So long as you are (or have been) a lifesaver, are keen to spread the word that lifesaving is inclusive, progressive and welcoming, and are free on Saturday 02 March, then get to it.  And your non-lifesaver friends are welcome to join us as supporters too.

Register for Parade here

We've got our song chosen, our props are on the way and we're just headed towards the fun end of the season.

See you soon,

Gary and the committee

New 2019 Parade spots available now

Hey, we have been in discussions with Mardi Gras and have gained ourselves another 20 spots in the parade. So anyone still thinking of registering that thought they may have missed out, register for the parade in the coming days and lock it in. We are hoping to send our swimwear requirements to Rival before Christmas so jump in now to be sure we place and order for you.
It's going to be a heap of fun. Rego link is below, although you'll need to join the page first, before registering. Two minutes max including a few easy questions about your surf club and music suggestions. Get to it!

DNA Magazine exposure for LWP

Big thanks to DNA Magazine for the exposure this week about our new website.  They are helping share the word on surf lifesaving in Australia being a welcoming, progressive and inclusive place.  So have a look around the site, drop us a line to answer any questions, and head on down to your local surf club.

DNA Online Article

2019 Parade Regos Open

OK, we are now opening our registration page for the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.  We have a few big announcements as we go through the season as we'll unveil later, but for the moment, be sure to sign up through the website.  Note you must be a member of the website to register, so you'll need to join up first.

Looking forward to a fun summer, showing lifesaving as proud, welcoming and inclusive.

Register here

Note the capacity is for 80 and we filled up in 24 hours last year so we will have a waiting list once that fills.  And we pulled 20 people over from the waiting list last year, so it is possible you'll still get to enter.  Register away.

Gary, Orlando, Mike and the Committee

Lifesaving World Championships

LWP spent a few days in Adelaide with the competitors for the Lifesaving World Championships.  Best of luck and go for Gold to all competitors, especially our LGBT participants.


Get ready for the 2019 Mardi Gras Parade

Hey, time to start your Mardi Gras planning.

Just letting you all know that we'll be posting the rego page soon for the Sydney event, and we have a few changes in store for this year which we'll unveil as we go.
So if you are free on Saturday 02 March, and can come to the six rehearsals on Thursday and Sunday evenings beforehand (interstate people will need to watch the online posts) then start getting your thoughts together.

The first change is that we will be including nippers on the float this year so if you want to bring your little ones, DM us so we can lock you in beforehand. They won't need to come to rehearsals.

Ok, brains in motion, head to the gym, cut out carbs, tan up and preorder that (biodegradable) glitter. It's going to be fun.

Gary, Orlando, Andrew and the Committee

LGBTIQ Festivals dates across Australia for the 2018-19 summer

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