Code of Conduct

Lifesavers with Pride operate within the Surf Life Saving community, and as such are subject to the SLSA Code of Conduct, currently located within the Member Protection Policy.  Further to this, Lifesavers with Pride have developed its own Code of Conduct which is based around the following principles:

(a) Fairness

(b) Accountability

(c) Clarity

(d) Ethical Practices

(e) Legal Requirements

(f) Safety

(g) Integrity

Lifesavers with Pride Inc operate as an entity under the following framework, which includes actions by its individual members, suppliers and contractors as engaged from time to time.  These principles apply to actions in person, written or spoken, or posted electronically.

1 Culture

  • Act with Integrity at all times
  • Honour the language and spirit of the law in every jurisdiction that LWP operate. Undertake open and fair activities to be a positive role model to others.
  • Respect the customs and cultures of all whom we engage with
  • Foster a culture that enhances both individual creativity and teamwork value while honouring mutual trust and respect.

2 Environment

  • Reduce all forms of pollution, be they air, water, noise or ground pollution. Products that are biodegradable, or able to be reused or recycled should be selected in the first instance
  • All activities should be performed with minimal amount of energy. Renewable energy should be preferenced where available.
  • Waste of any type should be disposed of according to the manufacturer’s specifications

3 Workplace Health and Safety

  • All WHS situations should be dealt with seriously and reported to the LWP committee for action
  • All machinery should be operated in accordance with directions

4 Behaviour

  • All office holders, committee members and association members should treat each other with respect
  • Discrimination of any type, such as age, religion, beliefs, gender, marital or maternal status, age, political affiliation, national origin, race, disability, sexual orientation or any other basis is not welcome
  • The use of verbal, physical and psychological aggression, threats and coercion or any other intimidating, abusive or harassing manner will not be tolerated
  • Alcohol and drugs will not be tolerated at LWP events. Social events, within licensed venues may include alcohol, excluding when the member is wearing official uniform, or members who are under 18 years of age.

5 Conflict of Interest

  • All effort must be made by LWP members to avoid any conflict of interest. Any real or perceived conflicts must be identified to the committee
  • The provision of gifts or benefits, as a result of LWP engagement must be declared to the committee, and must not influence in any decisions made by the member on behalf of LWP
  • Members must not offer, pay or accept bribes

6 Representation

  • SLSA is an apolitical organisation, and does not endorse political views. LWP aligns with this position and does not support political statements of any kind
  • Members are not to represent Lifesavers with Pride without the express advance permission of the committee
  • LWP stands by its charter and any representation made on behalf of LWP must align with this. Any conflict with this charter will void any endorsed representation provided
  • LWP promotes the rights of people included within the broad and diverse banner of the LGBTIQ community, and does not favour any single contingent over any other.
  • LWP in no way seeks to devalue the non-LGBTIQ community, and their support as allies for LGBTIQ causes.

7 Information

  • All information provided to LWP will be kept confidential and secure
  • Metadata will be available for appropriate statistical purposes as required. Information will not be passed onto third parties that can identify individuals

8 Property and Resources

  • Lifesavers with Pride property remains such and must not be used without authorisation
  • Assets of LWP are not to be leant to third parties
  • All LWP monies must be expensed efficiently, effectively and ethically. Funds are not for private use

9 Transparency

  • All decisions made by LWP must be transparent and open to members for review
  • Members are prohibited from using any knowledge from LWP to benefit themselves or others
  • Confidential information should always remain such

Members should always consider themselves leading by example and act with integrity

Any breaches of this code will be dealt with under Clause 11 of the Constitution