Get ready for the 2019 Mardi Gras Parade

Hey, time to start your Mardi Gras planning.

Just letting you all know that we'll be posting the rego page soon for the Sydney event, and we have a few changes in store for this year which we'll unveil as we go.
So if you are free on Saturday 02 March, and can come to the six rehearsals on Thursday and Sunday evenings beforehand (interstate people will need to watch the online posts) then start getting your thoughts together.

The first change is that we will be including nippers on the float this year so if you want to bring your little ones, DM us so we can lock you in beforehand. They won't need to come to rehearsals.

Ok, brains in motion, head to the gym, cut out carbs, tan up and preorder that (biodegradable) glitter. It's going to be fun.

Gary, Orlando, Andrew and the Committee

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