LWP works with SLSA to ensure that it not only has inclusive and progressive policies, but that it is seen to apply and promote those policies.  The following are policies within the various surf life saving associations around Australia.

Nationally, SLSA has created the Diversity and Inclusion Statement which states SLSA's commitment to:
i. respect the rights, dignity and worth of others—treat others as you would like to be treated yourself;
ii. ensure SLS is an inclusive organisation that is open to all who wish to participate regardless of age, gender, disability, cultural and linguistic background or sexual orientation; and
iii. provide a safe and nurturing environment for all participating in surf life saving by actively promoting the principles of equal opportunity, social justice and cultural safety so that all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

In New South Wales, SLSNSW has identified in its Strategic Plan 2018-2021 that Objective 2 is to Embrace Community.  It identifies that its role is in “assisting clubs’ membership to reflect the changing community profiles, being acknowledged as an all-inclusive organisation that protects, educates, prepares and embraces everyone.”

Victoria’s LSV has released it’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020, which lists Diversity as one of it’s focus areas.  It states that it plans to “respond to diversity in the community, focusing on gender, age, disability and cultural diversity.”

For Queensland, SLSQ’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 lists Respect as one of its Values.  It identifies that “we will treat each other with respect, value each other’s contributions, and celebrate our colleagues and members who strive for excellence.”

SLSWA states in its website that it values inclusion.  All Surf Life Saving clubs in Western Australia aim for an increased level of participation through inclusive practices at all clubs. We acknowledge that all clubs are welcoming of all members of their local community, irrespective of any individual’s background, gender, ability, race, age or sexuality.

In South Australia, SLSSA lists in its Strategic Plan 2016-2019 that its third Strategic Intent is to be committed to their Community.  They plan to “develop a more inclusive organisation for all Australian’s to participate in.”

SLST identifies in its Strategic Plan 2015-2020 that its Strategic Priority 6 is Involving all Australians.   They explicitly state that “we are an inclusive organisation and reflect the diversity of the Tasmanian community.”

Whilst the Northern Territory's SLSNT constitution states under Schedule 1 that it is bound to "adopt and implement appropriate policies, including in relation to sexual harassment, equal opportunity, equity..."

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