LWP Board

Our organisation operates from about August until April each year, with our board meeting regularly throughout this time.  Our role is to steer the activities and events to ensure we meet our charter and goals of creating surf life saving as an inclusive welcoming and progressive organisation.

We would love our board to have representatives from a diverse range of surf clubs, have both male and female members, and have members whom identify as LGBTIQ and beyond.  We have no prerequisites.  Anyone member is welcome to nominate for the board, which is a relaxed and casual atmosphere with plenty of laughs along the way, whilst pursuing a worthwhile goal.

Our current board is made up of the following members.

Chair – Gary Driscoll – North Bondi

Secretary – Holly Love – Tamarama

Treasurer – Tracey Constantinou – Coogee

Technology – Mike Davidson – North Bondi

Logistics – Wayne Penn – Coogee

Swimwear – Jake Little – North Bondi

Social Media – Karen Wholson – North Bondi

Rehearsals – Andrew Hoppe – Bondi

Media – Bastien Wallace – Bondi

Design – Hayden Bagnall – North Bondi

Fair Days – Michele Rickets – Garie

Awards – Dom Bolland – North Bondi

Scholarships - Dan Fritz - Tamarama

Events - Fiona Phelps - Coogee

Creative - Ben Lee - North Bondi

Events - Hero McDonald - Coogee

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