Lifesavers with Pride are healthy, socially minded, community spirited, outgoing and fun iconic lifesavers, and we encourage any organisation that aligns with these same principles to engage with us about sponsorship.  Our Principle sponsors are Running Bare Swimwear (formerly known as Rival Swimwear) and the Beresford, and we thank them for their ongoing support.


We also thank our ongoing partners that we work with, Balance Water and Harris Farm for their continuing support.


And we also have a collection of supporters who provide invaluable services, whom we highly encourage you to check out, such as Fraser Kelton who mixes our music and Skylight Productions who manage our audio and light for the parade


What can LWP offer your organisation?  Whether you chose to become a sponsor, partner or supporter, we can offer you a range of options to show our appreciation for your support.

  • Signage on the Mardi Gras Parade Entry – providing an opportunity for your organisation to be recognised throughout the parade. Viewed by anticipated crowd of up to 500,000 people, plus media exposure, both local and international, across print, online and TV media.
  • Parade Dance – Where able, LWP are able to incorporate your brand into the LWP dance routine during the Mardi Gras Parade night.
  • Promotion, Signage and Product Sampling at LWP events – You would be invited to promote your brand at the following planned LWP events, with LWP members wearing their branded products, with the potential for further events to be developed.
    • Season Kick Off Drinks, December
    • Mardi Gras Fair Day – February
    • Final media rehearsal (February) with lifesavers in swimwear, rehearsing outdoors which attracts huge media attention. There is no restriction on your signage at this event.
    • Product placement such as during live media crosses in the lead up to the parade.
  • Attendance of LWP at your events  – LWP would be pleased to attend your events to assist with product sampling and promotion, and can contribute various quantities of people as required.
  • Images and/or access to the Mardi Gras Parade– You will be given access to images of LWP, including your branding taken by the LWP photographer (both stills and video) during rehearsals and the parade. In addition, a media pass can be provided for your dedicated photographer during the parade.  Plus your marketing representative will be invited to join us on parade day.
  • Supply of product for marchers – An opportunity to have your products not only used within the parade, but also provided to all parade participants and helpers. We aim for 100 participants and helpers each year.
  • Website and communications to LWP members – Your organisation’s logo and support will be acknowledged through the following channels;
    • LWP website – with posts being sent to over 1,000 members and growing
    • LWP facebook open page 
    • LWP facebook closed group 
  • Parade Video – a professional video, acknowledging your organisation’s support, will be produced covering the journey of the LWP through rehearsals to parade night. This video is distributed to members, friends, and sponsors at the completion of the festival, as well as being posted online, with direct links here on our website.  We can provide a copy of previous year’s videos upon request.

Benefits to your organisation for your support

Based on the reaction to previous years, by sponsoring LWP, your organisation will:

  • promote better awareness of beach safety to the wider public and the importance of surf lifesaving in promoting beach safety;
  • generate positive media publicity for your organisation and thereby foster goodwill, especially within the gay and lesbian community both within the eastern suburbs and further abroad;
  • continue association with SLSA, an organisation that is iconic and which enables you to be seen as a community partner, equity supporter and good corporate citizen;
  • be associated with a community organisation that contributes to all Australian’s quality of life at the beach and which accepts its responsibility to respect the environment; and
  • be associated with a healthy, sexy group of volunteers!

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