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Lifesavers with Pride (LWP) have been in touch with every surf club electronically to promote the involvement of the LGBT community within surf life saving.  Our key goals are to work with the LGBT community to promote life saving as their preferred sporting and volunteer outlet, while also working within the lifesaving community to ensure that our organisation provides a positive and engaging welcome to our LGBT members.  We aim to promote the organisation as welcoming, progressive and inclusive.

We have now developed a suit of resources to ensure all clubs are able to provide a safe and secure environment for their LGBT members.  The resources include aids to support your club in creating a culture that exemplifies our goal of being welcoming, progressive and inclusive.

Pamphlet for Board Members

The pamphlet attached identifies a number of Australian studies undertaken in the last few years, regarding LGBT attitudes and treatment within sport.  The studies identify the rates of discrimination felt by LGBT sportspeople, and the impacts these have on the members.  This includes the impact on ongoing involvement in sport, and the social, physical and mental benefits that sport can provide.  But moreso it identifies the repercussions that it has on sports as a whole and the community.

Pamphlet for Potential Club Member

This second pamphlet is for distribution at your events and membership days, particularly when encouraging new bronze members, who may be concerned about your club’s position on LGBT inclusion.  It provides support for these potential members, identifying tangible principles and guidelines that should be implemented, as well as providing questions for them to ask vying surf clubs, to provide satisfaction to any doubts around the inclusive, welcoming and progressive nature of life saving.

Checklist for your Surf Club

This checklist is designed to provide your club with a framework for reaching a position where your LGBT members will feel truly included and welcome.  It provides tangible actions that can be implemented by your club that will provide robust and identifiable outcomes.  Covering policies, communication, training and engagement, the checklist demonstrates your club’s passion in being seen as inclusive and welcoming.

Proud Surf Club Posters

These posters have been created by lifesavers, for lifesavers.  They capture the inclusive elements of lifesaving and tell everyone that lifesaving is open and welcoming.  Surf Life Saving Australia has recently used the tagline “The ocean doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we” and these are another way of demonstrating this ethos.

Proud Surf Club Stickers

Our stickers are for potential members, nippers and the community to spread the word further that each surf club is proud to be seen as being inclusive of its LGBT members.  By including both the lifesaving flag and the rainbow flag, and by showing the colourful lifesaving club caps, they are simple yet effective and fun.

Surf Life Saving is a progressive, inclusive and welcoming organisation, and LWP encourages every club to ensure that it demonstrates this when engaging with all its stakeholders.  LWP want every club to strive to present itself as an LGBT welcoming club.

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