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Lifesavers with Pride (LWP) work with SLSA, the Surf State offices and with every surf club to promote the involvement of the LGBT community within surf life saving.  Our key goals are to work with the LGBT community to promote life saving as their preferred sporting and volunteer outlet, while also working within the lifesaving community to ensure that our organisation provides a positive and engaging welcome to our LGBT members.  We aim to promote the organisation as welcoming, progressive and inclusive.

We developed a suit of resources to ensure all clubs are able to provide a safe and secure environment for their LGBT members.  The resources include aids to support your club in creating a culture that exemplifies our goal of being welcoming, progressive and inclusive.  We have called these resources, and support packs, the Proud Beaches support to assist clubs in creating a safe, healthy, welcoming and proud venue for LGBT people to want to be part of.

We held a Proud Beaches forum in June 2019, which we encourage all clubs to look over for great ideas and inclusion programs

We released the Proud Beaches Pack in 2019/20, circulating copies to all clubs around Australia. 

We launched our Proud Beaches Scholarships over the summer of 2019/20, and continue to run them each summer.  We welcome applications from members and clubs who have LGBTIQ members undertaking their Bronze Medallion or SRC.

In the summer of 2020/21 we released our latest Proud Beaches Pack, to clubs around Australia.

And finally last season we laundec our 2021/22 Proud Beaches Pack to clubs nationwide.

Keep an eye out for our next release of support and resources to help you and your clubs create a more welcoming and safe place for your LGBT members and new recruits.

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