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To achieve our mandate to represent lifesaving within the LGBT community, we participate each year in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with our lifesaver caps and uniforms, and we look forward to taking this to other state's Pride marches as well.  Our entries demonstrate our passion for lifesaving and beach culture by using lifesaving/beach props, having swimming/beach/life saving themed music, and incorporating beach signals and swimming techniques into our routine.

All surf lifesavers who participate are deeply committed to the movement, what it represents and to its development as an LGBT embracing organisation. All participants are committed members within their local clubs, and to promoting lifesaving as a progressive and welcoming community.

To achieve the reciprocal side of our mandate, to represent LGBT members within lifesaving, we work with clubs to ensure they provide welcoming sites, events, patrols and facilities for LGBT members.  We also engage directly with surf clubs to spread the word of LWP onto each and every beach.  Plus we have created the Proud Clubs kit for each club to assist in their progress to an LGBT embracing club

If you are interested in joining our group, register with your details so that you can get updates from us on upcoming events.  We don’t spam, and we don’t pass our contact list onto anyone.  Only registered members can enrol for the parades.  You don’t need to be LGBT, nor a current lifesaver to join.

Our parade entries have comprised around 100 surf lifesavers each year from clubs around Australia and internationally and represent a true cross-section of both our community and the surf lifesaving movement. Surf lifesavers from every state and territory in Australia have taken part in the parade entry over the years.  We have a larger base membership with around 650 members at present which grows each summer.

Only current and former proficient surf lifesavers are permitted to march in the parade with the LWP float, plus we include a small number of non lifesavers as supporters.  Similarly there is no requirement to be LGBT to participate in the parade.

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